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Time and half calculator calculate the total earnings, standard hours pay, yearly pay, and overtime salary based on your job hours and the rate per hour you enter.

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Are you seeking any resources to calculate the amount you need to pay your employees for overtime hours? - or are you willing to calculate your extra wages on a daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis? If yes, this time and a half calculator does the same.

What Is Time and a Half Pay?

Time and a half pay refers to a pay rate that is 1.5 times an employee's regular hourly wage. It is typically used to compensate employees for working overtime. The time and a half pay means a 50 % increase in the employee wages relative to the regular pay. It is an incentive for the employees.

The time and half pay is offered to maintain productivity during holidays or in extra working hours.

Our time and a half calculator serves the owners in adjusting the time and a half pay accurately for employees.

For Example: What are time and a half for $20 an hour?

The Time and a half for $20 an hour would be a $30 wage rate. 

How Do I Calculate My Overtime Pay?

Here are the basic steps to calculate the time and a half pay of an employee who works over 40 hours within a week:

  • Find standard hourly wage before time and half
  • Multiply the standard hourly wage by 1.5
  • Multiply the result by the total overtime hours
  • Add overtime compensation to regular
  • It is the time and a half pay of an employee

This overtime calculator is a tool that finds out how much you will earn if you have to stay longer at work. All you have to do is provide

Calculate your overtime rate and total overtime pay by the time and half calculator.

The time and a half pay formula is 

Time and a half = standard rate × 1.5 × number of hours

To calculate double and triple time pay, we use the following formulas

Double time pay rate = standard rate × 2 × number of hours

Triple time pay = standard rate × 3 × number of hours


Let's say the employee's hourly wage rate is $ 20 per hour and worked for 45 hours in a week, including 5 hours of overtime. Then calculate the time and a half pay of the employee for the week


Regular Hours Pay:

Regular Hours Pay = (Regular Hours)(Regular wage Rate)

Regular Hours Pay = (40 hours)($20)

Regular Hours Pay = $800

Overtime Hours Pay:

Overtime Hours Pay = (Overtime r Hours)(Overtime wage Rate)

Overtime Hours Pay = [(5 hours)($20*1.5)]

Overtime Hours Pay = [(5 hours)($30)]

Overtime Hours Pay = $150

Total Hours Pay:

TotalHours Pay = (Regular Hours pay)(Overtime hours pay)

TotalHours Pay = $800+$150

TotalHours Pay = $950

The time a half calculator finds out how much time and a-half pay you can earn in addition to regular pay.

How to Apply Time and a Half?

  • Working hours exceed 40 hours per week 
  • Working hours exceed 8 hours per day 
  • Holiday work may be double or triple the wage rate 

Time Half and Double Pay Table

Standard pay
Time and a half
Double time
$25 per hour $37.50 $50
$24 per hour $36 $48
$23 per hour $34.50 $46
$22 per hour $33 $44
$21 per hour $31 $42
$19 per hour $28.50 $38
$18 per hour $27 $36
$17 per hour $25.50 $34
$16 per hour $24 $32
$15 per hour $22.50 $30
$14 per hour $21 $28
$13 per hour $19.50 $26
$12 per hour $18 $24
$11 per hour $16.50 $22
$10 per hour $15 $20

The double time and a half calculator calculates the overtime pay for employees who are eligible for double time and a half.


What Is Time and a Half of $22?

You can calculate time and a half pay of $ 22 as:

 $22 x 0.5 = $11, so $22 + $11 = $33

Is Overtime Pay Always Calculated At Time-and-a-Half?

Overtime pay is typically calculated at time-and-a-half, but this may vary depending on local labor laws, employment contracts, or company policies. Some jurisdictions or industries may have different rules for calculating overtime pay rates.